Peculiar project

This weak, weary woman does not have enough strength to unscrew the sprinkler from the hose (because “a guy” connected the two). But the weak old woman had a brilliant idea: Hose the throw rugs at Shawn’s. While she is away from home, I am watering her plants. Earlier, there was an attempt to vacuum the throw rugs but the vacuum cleaner did (almost) irreparable damage.  Moving the heavy wet rugs was muchneeded exercise for this sedentary arborist (climbing trees, climbing the family tree). ~~ Look at the beautiful blooms on the Crepe Myrtle trees. ~~ Speaking of trees, “the janitor”  had to clean up another mess. Note that other Ancestry Member Family Trees listed my cousin with a much earlier death. The obituary information went into the Gallery and this image was prepared to draw attention to the error. Queen of mean?

One comment on “Peculiar project

  1. Deb says:

    Do you have a pair of water pump pliers (AKA groove joint or tongue and groove joint pliers) that open wide? They usually also have loner handles, and are what I use to gain extra leverage on water hose connections.

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