Exercise in futility ??

Awake at two in the morning because the teenietiny little insects were crawling on me. OMG, what’s the old lady supposed to do? Each one was instantly plucked from whatever part of my body and squeezed to death between my fingers. Yet another night where my sleep was rudely interrupted. ~~ I don’t eat in bed so food crumbs can’t be the attraction.  This old lady is getting increasingly cantankerous so the insects aren’t attracted because I’m so sweet (LOL). ~~ Three loads of laundry yesterday plus a shower, washing my hair, and clean pajamas. All those events were an “exercise in futility”?  ~~ A friend suggested I get a “bug bomb” (or two) and set one off in my trailer home. I’d have to leave home for several hours and, according to her, a big cleanup job afterward. ~~ EXCUSE ME!! A “BUG BOMB” IS NOT ON MY “TODO “LIST. ~~

Counting my blessings!! A resident neighbor had a stroke last week and he is in the hospital and not doing well. I’m so grateful that my a-fib was diagnosed before it caused me to have a stroke.

POSTSCRIPT @ 11:10 AM: I ought to be thankful for Meals on Wheels but the food items are things I rarely or never eat.

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