Good news & bad news !!

The silence was broken at about 9:15 this morning. I hadn’t seen or heard from “Mr. Red” all week. He called to tell me he was incapacitated by Covid but is “on the mend.”  Like most of the population, “Mr. Red” is vaccinated and boosted. We didn’t talk very long because his coughs sounded terrible. I felt pain as I listened to his coughs.  ~~ I’ve been praying… because it is strange for days to go by without a visit or phone call from “Mr. Red.” I knew something had happened. I was asked if I’d been “climbing trees” and I could honestly say “no.” I told him I’d spent a lot of time “gliding” in my easy chair. (“Glider” is better than a “rocker”!) To answer his question: “No, I don’t have Covid.”

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