Weird morning #2 ?!

Below is a copy of a blog message from May 22, 2022. Rita is bombarding me AGAIN with messagescomplaintsvia Ancestry messaging. How often have I stated that I strive for 200% accuracy in my family tree? After the reader revisits the earlier message (below), read Deja Vu.

I awakened from a dream about aluminum cans. There had been a large social gathering for a picnic. I told the host to save the Pepsi cans. I was madder than a wet hen when I discovered he didn’t save all aluminum cansonly “Pepsi.” (Be careful what I say?)

Many comments greeted me when I checked my email messages. “Complaints” from a woman “mad as a wet hen” with my documentation of her family. I’m not shy about drawing attention to obvious documentation errors and the woman wanted the observation deleted.


POSTSCRIPT: Hindsight, an afterthought, etc, etc., at twelve noon. (There isn’t anything wrong with my memory; my “recall” is slow.) Rita–the complainerhas my email address and could have written directly to me and not attach eight complaints to individuals in my tree. Rita has a “private” tree and does not share her information. Lorraine has a “public” tree (71,816 individuals) and gladly shares her thirty-five years of research. Read an earlier narrative.

One comment on “Weird morning #2 ?!

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