Tuesday tidings about a Monday “perk”

Nine residents and “Mr. Red” (RV Park owner) enjoyed lunch at Cracker Barrel. Mr. Red stood on the elevated hearth, of the fireplace, and made a beautiful speech about the meaning of Independence Day. He suggested folks stop by our table and visit with a ninety-four-year-old veteran of World War II, a Silver Star recipient. Prior to Mr. Red’s speech, the restaurant was so noisy we could hardly hear one another talking. Miraculously, the waiters and waitresses stopped what they were doing, and diners stopped talking. The restaurant was quiet and folks were attentive. Afterward, we had a parade of visitors, and (without exception) everyone pulled out their smartphone and requested a picture with “Mr. Gill,” a World War II veteran.  Then our waiter informed us that a gentleman had “picked up the tab” for our table. AWESOME!! The generous gentleman is on the right, in the second picture. ~~ We **ARE** an interesting “family at our RV Park: The veteran, a Marine and his wife and twin daughters, a college professor, and a still-ministering, eighty-one-year-old Christian missionary, and his wife. “Yours truly” is extremely blessed to have caring neighbors and thoughtful, kind, generous “Mr. Red.” ~~ The “perk” isn’t limited to a free dinner. ~~

One comment on “Tuesday tidings about a Monday “perk”

  1. Deb says:

    Wow, good on him for calling people’s attention to your WWII friend. Awesome.

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