Correction: The show isn’t over !!

OBVIOUSLY, when I saw another man named William Forest Lee, I was compelled to research and document that family. It was timeand energydown a gopher hole because I did not find a family connection. I keep searching for an answer to “Why did he change his name?”.


Almost seven PM on another extremely hot day. One hundred degrees but “feels like” 110.


Postscript at 12 noon, Monday, 20 Jun 2022: This morning (after watering plants in the neighbor’s yard) I was drawn back (as if by a magnet) to research, and documentation, of William Daniels. This time… another collage to identify the family members (poorly described) in the newspaper obituary.


Postscript at one o’clock, Monday, 20 Jun 2022: Numerous pages of notes went into the trash can and I’ll **try** to ignore the mystery man and his family.

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