Very eventful Monday

“The old lady” left home shortly before 8:30 AM–en route to a nine o’clock doctor’s appointment. The doctor was very helpful as I discussed my health problems. A battery of tests will follow after she gets a report from the blood tests. The doctor’s visit was followed by an extreme haircut in a nearby shop. Then, to nearby Walmart for things (on the list) not available at my market. Recently, I acknowledged that I can’t handle large boxes of books (too heavy). I need smaller boxes for the pending donation to Love Packages. In the Deli Department, I saw a shopping cart with a pile of flattened empty small boxes. I asked… and “yes” I could take the boxes. It doesn’t balance money-wise but I “spent” the money I saved on colored light bulbs. I’ll always have pretty bulbs decorating the carport and front yard. The bulbs are reported to last for twelve years so they will outlive me (ha). Confession: The light bulbs (and strings of lights) are less expensive than plants for the garden. They are my “inexpensive” (feeble?) attempt to have an attractive yard (with low maintenance).




2 comments on “Very eventful Monday

  1. Damon Troncone says:

    Hey! I’ve been going on walks recently down the road I live on and I walk about a mile to a small cemetary. I’m always intrigued by this cemetary whenever I drive by it to tonight I’ve been down a rabbit hole reading about it. I found its for the Frantz family and stumbled across your blog. You sound like a hilarious and lovely person.

  2. SINCERE THANKS Damon for your message. Let me know where you live and give me your email address so we can exchange information. ~~ Good for you, taking a walk. I sit all day at the computer. It’s almost midnight and I’ve been all day on a Frantz-family challenge. I’ve been so busy with “the challenge,” I didn’t take time to prepare a blog message today. Best wishes from Lorraine

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