Weird morning ?!

I awakened from a dream about aluminum cans. There had been a large social gathering for a picnic. I told the host to save the Pepsi cans. I was madder than a wet hen when I discovered he didn’t save all aluminum cansonly “Pepsi.” (Be careful what I say?)

Many comments greeted me when I checked my email messages. “Complaints” from a woman “mad as a wet hen” with my documentation of her family. I’m not shy about drawing attention to obvious documentation errors and the woman wanted the observation deleted.


POSTSCRIPT: Hindsight, an afterthought, etc, etc., at twelve noon. (There isn’t anything wrong with my memory; my “recall” is slow.) Rita–the complainerhas my email address and could have written directly to me and not attach eight complaints to individuals in my tree. Rita has a “private” tree and does not share her information. Lorraine has a “public” tree (71,816 individuals) and gladly shares her thirty-five years of research. Read an earlier narrative.

One comment on “Weird morning ?!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Two funny observations. Some people have to be told clearly and precisely what you want done. Any error on your part communicating can produce unforeseen results! And on the other point, People don’t like being told publicly that they are stupid or made a mistake. It is easier for them to tell you off than to accept that they made a mistake and try to correct it. Saturday Night Live had a skit for a Public Service Announcement of people sitting around saying they were stupid and in the end they say “SO VOTE”. Kind of twisted but either side could look at the other and say it was them we was talking about. Bad English intended!

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