Affirmative !!

Aluminum cans first thing in the morningfor pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House. Dark clouds, and gloomy, with the threat of rain so I moved to the carport. Next, I dusted books and videos and placed them in separate boxes. One box with Bibles, books, etc., for Love Packages. Secular books, and videos, in a box for the local library (for fund-raising book sale). In another area, there are items that will (eventually) go to the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. ~~ Thunderand rainat ten-fifteen. ~~ Now some “indoor” projects which include this blog message and a second mug of coffee. ~~ I can do it. (I keep telling myself “You can do it.”)

Postscript at 12:20 PM. “Severe weather”  according to the noon news.

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