“Best laid plans…”

Wide awake in pre-dawn hours, I told myself I was **NOT** going to touch Ancestry today. About four o’clock I got up and “yes” made a bee-line to the computer to check my email messages. Ancestry advised me that I had a message from Louis Tiner (“goodie goodie”) and I rapidly went to his messageand followed it with a reply. (No need to document the messages here.)


I’ve added a lot more information today and it may prove beneficial as I work to accurately document the third great-grandfather of Herbert James Tiner.


One comment on ““Best laid plans…”

  1. Jimmie says:

    Like an alcoholic, I’m going to quit drinking, as he takes another sip….Moderation is the key Lorraine, if the weather is nice in the mornings, get out and enjoy the morning air before it gets to hot. Some days I go to bed because I’m so tired I hurt all over – I’m not sleepy but I’m too tired to watch TV, work on the computer, or eat, or cook. This is usually because I have been going full throttle all day and I have nothing left to give. Enjoy the day!

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