Archivist, too?

Archivist, too? Hey, there aren’t enough hours in the day!! I can’t keep up with requests and clean up messes!! There was another message titled “Lorrainehas to be a mistake.”

POSTSCRIPT on 21 Apr 2022:

THANK YOU, Shelly, for your message. I hate to disappoint you but I can’t help you. I am not related to Mabel Whipple although she is in a “tree” that I own. Honestly, I rescued the Traxler information from an extended family member. Her decades of research– compiled in a genealogy software program–would have ended up in the dumpster. I acquired the information on a “thumb drive” and uploaded it to Ancestry. Perhaps you can search for Whipple in other Ancestry trees and locate a family member. ~~ Wishing you “happy researching” from Lorraine Frantz Edwards.


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