See “Postscript” to Detective Lorraine

Out of the blue, I received the “thank you” message. Most of the timein my old ageI think I’m “good for nothing.” The word must be “out there” that Lorraine digs deep, far, and wide for information. Frequently she isn’t even related… Here is an example of a message received via Ancestry messaging. Yes, I did a quick search and “quickly” found information. Sharon didn’t give me much informationand if you look at her genealogical contributions, they are small.  ~~ I almost never check my DNA cousin connectionsbut I checkedand nothing located.


POSTSCRIPT @ 8:40 AM “the next day”: Below, you can read Sharon’s one-sentence reply. ~~ “Disappointment” with her reply, to put it mildly.

How do I really feel?

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