Too blessed to be stressed !!

Confession: I cannot remember when I have enjoyed such a perfect day. It wasn’t planned; by God’s grace, it happened!! ~~ Yesterday, Kay helped me with the hearing aids. I didn’t wear them very long because everything was “too loud.” This morning I forced myself to go to the Clubhouse for waffles and fellowshipto test the new hearing aids. Everything was “too loud”; I couldn’t tolerate the noise. I returned home and worked with the volume on the hearing aids. They are as low as can be set without being off. I returned to the Clubhouse for fellowship. I was told I’m talking in a “normal voice”; previously I’d been shouting. (OMG, I’m so embarrassed!!)

“Mr. Red” (owner-manager of this RV Park) asked if I wanted to ride to Home Depot because he needed several items, and I said “yes, yes, yes.” Later, I rode with him to the VA where he picked up his prescriptions. It’s a beautiful Spring day, warm sunshine, no wind, trees are showing a hint of green leaves. It’s 2:00 and I’ve just gotten home from an “out of the ordinary day.” Today, I’ve seen folks I haven’t seen for many monthsand enjoyable conversations. ~~ Gospel truth: At 8:00, I almost stayed home (in my rut). I reflect back on all the pleasant experiences I would have missed.

One comment on “Too blessed to be stressed !!

  1. Jimmie says:

    Glad to hear you can hear and not yell and get out of the house!!!!!

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