The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God !!

The following message greeted me in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn’t sleep so I was at the computer. I published a blog message at 3:25. It is now 11:00 AM and I confess that I am exhausted with only enough energy to type these words. Yesterday, I vowed that today I would not do family history; I would tackle projects that had been neglected. But (as I said in an earlier blog message), “obviously” I had to respond to the Ancestry message.

Here is my answer to the Ancestry message:

Vanessa, I’m still “working” on the family (several hours later). If you have visited my tree (Lorraine Frantz Family Tree), you are aware that I did not have any of those folks in my tree. How unusual for me to be working with a brand-new Frantz family. I like to think that I am the champion historian of everyone with the Frantz surname. Again, I say “thank you” for the information. ~~~ I don’t know when our paths crossed; I searched my messages and did not find you. So, as a woman-of-faith, I say your message is “a God thing.” Sending very best wishes to you and your family from Lorraine in Waco, Texas. No damage here but lots of tornado damage in Texas.


Postscript at 2:00 PM: Previously, I have experienced challenges due to confusing information about a Frantz family member or someone in the collateral lines. Today, my confusion is the quandary “why?” hasn’t this particular Frantz family come to my attention. I anticipated I would find some of their “collateral lines” mingled with my collateral lines. That hasn’t happened. Lorraine’s perplexed.


Postscript at 8:00 PM: I gave this Frantz family the same consideration I extend to my Frantz ancestors (and collateral lines). After an entire day of documenting… they appear to be a uniquely separate “tree.”

Postscript at 10:25 AM “the next day”: I’ve spent the morning trying to resolve some challenges with this tree.

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