All is well in Waco

As I’ve stated in earlier blog messages, I have been watching FOX News from early morning until bedtime (regarding the war in Ukraine). I hadn’t watched the local news and (deaf old lady) didn’t hear the warning alarm (other residents heard it). One resident phoned to alert me of the storm and said the residents were gathering in the shelter. Then, one young resident came running to get “Miss Lorraine.”


We experienced a brief rainand no hail or strong wind. Gratefully, to my knowledge, no damage in the Waco area. The TV meteorologist’ continue to show graphic details. We have the “tornado warnings” but none has touched down (if I’ve heard the TV news correctly).


Postscript 9:05 PM: There was a short exit from the meteorologist’ to reporters “in the field.” There are “downed” power lines and tree limbs. One image of a collapsed carport.

Another postscript at 9:35 PM: The storm is moving to the East.

Postscript #3: I’ve been watching the 10:00 PM news and the story is significant damage.”

One comment on “All is well in Waco

  1. Deb says:

    Thank goodness you still had power to be able to watch the news. Glad you are safe!

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