An Enigma

An Enigma

Altho no life do I possess
I am to life great happiness,
For the living seek my aid
When unfortunate they are made.

I am only used for helplessness,
Do their misfortune much redress;
And many a one on me depend
For daily aid in life to lend.

On me they lean for their support,
Find much relief by my resort;
And while marchin o’re the land
I am faithful at their hand.

To do without me many would give
All they have upon to live,
But while they cannot change their lot-
For gold they part with me would not.

I am not used for food nor drink.
Not heath, nor wealth as you may think;
But in this life do I lend aid
To mortal bodies soon decayed.

And no more use they have of me
When passed from time to eternity.
My name I shall not yet express,
The same I ask you now to guess.

Composed by John A Kinzie in 1862
copied from: The Kenzie Family Tree
1738-1961, pages 224-238

answer -“Crutch”


Lorraine’s “crutch” is She is experiencing an emotional meltdown due to the war in Ukraine and self-imposed isolation due to the Coronavirus. She read this poem while documenting “cousins” in Ancestry and deemed it appropriate for the blog. (Remember: This blog is Lorraine’s “journal.”)

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