“Ancestry” on my mind

Drawn back to documentation in Ancestry.com.

Hello Lorraine. I manage the Family Tree for my husband, Conrad Deeter. His 3rd great-grandfather was Daniel Stutsman Deeter 1807-1871 who married first Catherine Bollinger, then second his brother Abraham’s widow Mary Polly Reed, then third his brother Jacob’s widow Elizabeth Reed. Your chart with the Deeter Reed intermarriages is very informative and confirming! Thank you for the work! I wonder if you agree that Daniel Deeter married a third time to Elizabeth Reed, Jacob’s widow. This connection/ marriage is not on your chart. Ohio Marriage rec for 1866 to Elizabeth Deeter. And, the 1870 Census enumerates Daniel and Elizabeth (with a 19year old Christina.) Your insight would be valuable! Thank you in advance, Deb Deeter

Above is the chart Deb referred to. Her message prompted me to spend this Saturday morning double-checking my information and adding new details. I was able to answer the message.

Furthermore, a second message received yesterday.

While in an antique mall in Aurora, IL, I picked up a photo of “Lucy Altland, sister of Mattie Blickenstaff” and it contains 2 women. Judging by the photos of Mattie Burgard Davis Blickenstaff in your tree, I’d say one of the women is definitely her. That makes the other woman Mattie’s sister Lucy Burgard Altland. I bought the picture with the intent of reuniting it with their family. According to your Lorraine Frantz Family Tree, you’re their family. If you’d like the photo–free, tell me where to snail-mail it and it’s yours. I hope to hear back from you soon.
Andy Gappa
P.S. You do not have a copy of this photo in your tree—yet.
P.P.S. I also have a photo of Myrtle Blickenstaff Cable. You can have that one, too.
02:42 PM
Hello Andy and SINCERE THANKS for your message. I will need to double-check my database for the women you mention. I have more than 67,000 individuals in my database (and I’m related to about 60,000 of them). My immediate thought is: (1) Can you scan the pictures so they are available for everyone researching those families?? (2) The better repository for the pictures would be the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville, Ohio. ~~~ Let me double-check my database and get back to you. SINCERE THANKS from Lorraine; sending best wishes!!

Also: Yesterday another obituary was received and I haven’t had the time to document it yet.

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