If I could, I would…

…have the Hallelujah chorus  playing as you read this message.

It has been a “hallelujah” morning!! A neighbor lady offered to look at my Motorola and see if she could teach me a few things about my new “smart” phone. I was amazed at her skill in finding features and setting things up for me. At first, there was no service but, gratefully, the service happened (“happened” because of the transfer from Jitterbug to Google phone service).

Honestly, even with “dumb luck,” I would never have figured out mysterious features! Now I need to enter the name and numbers of my contacts. I’d like to believe that the reader will never see another complaint about “battery not holding a charge,” etc., etc. Never again will “Mr. Red” have to come knocking on my door to check on me because he couldn’t get me on the phone.

My neighbor lady and I went to lunch at Panera. That’s my very favorite establishmentand such a treat. Let me repeat that it was a “hallelujah” morningand noon.

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