New adventure

More information later. ~~ “Later” came faster than I imagined. I am supposed to insert a SIM card but I did not receive a SIM card. I’ve checked the box several times thinking I overlooked it but “it” isn’t here!! How frustrating!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

One hour twenty-five minutes “later” and I’m here to tell you I never want to go through this experience again!! OK, reading the fine print (with difficulty), the SIM card was already installed. So I started the laborious task of attempting to “set up.” OMG, you’d think I was applying for a top-secret security pass!! My hands, my fingers, aren’t very large but apparently my fingers are too large for the keyboard. It took many attempts to get the information entered. Then, without any warning, I was back to the beginning as though I hadn’t already gone through half-a-dozen steps.

4:25 PM and I’ve been struggling with this for two hours. Now the phone won’t let me do anything. I’m fortunate because I have years of computer experience. I understand electronic “expectations” better than most folks my age. I was able to maneuver through a half-a-dozen steps but now I’m unable to do a single thing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I abandoned the project in the late afternoon.

One comment on “New adventure

  1. Deb says:

    I believe you have to take the back off that phone to insert and remove a sim card. I’m surprised where you got the phone from the carrier, that they didn’t already put the SIM card in before they sent it to you.

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