One of my prayer requests

“Dear Heavenly Father, please protect me from slipping into senility or Alzheimers.”

My brain is so full of information that I don’t want to forget. Here’s a strange one: RA56206562. That’s the Army ID for my former husbandsixty-five years ago.

My favorite topic: Genealogy. I remember surnamesand correspondencefrom thirty-plus years ago. It is so helpful when I’m “climbing the family tree” on

Current affairs: Shawn Whiteat the Olympicsfailed in his bid for another metal. Here’s an interesting story about Shaun’s family. I consulted the Internet because my brain mistakenly identified his family with an ice cream business in New Hampshire. I was reminiscing about my visit in New Hampshire in 2010.  Oops, “wrong snowboarder.” A Google search produced a story about Scotty Lagoand his father had an ice cream business. OK, OK, my memory was confused about snowboarders.

LifeintheslowlaneLorraine is grateful for her many blessings and prays she doesn’t “lose her mind.”


Postscript @ 8:00 AM; afterthought: I wasn’t watching the Olympics–I heard about Shaun’s loss on the news.

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