Another package from D.D.

It is a beautiful, sunny day and I enjoyed an hour outdoors. I did a few things in the yard, rode my three-wheeler, tossed trash in the dumpster, and delivered (returned) containers to the neighbors who brought food. Surprise, surprise, another package “smashed” into my mailbox.



The KIA battery is dead. I was checking… because (Lord willing) I have an appointment tomorrow for my second Covid vaccination (postponed a week). Gratefully, “Mr. Red” was available and put a trickle-charger on the battery. ~~ I pray that I am able to make a solo trip to the doctor’s office tomorrow.



One comment on “Another package from D.D.

  1. Deb says:

    Would it be better to know your test results and if your recent bout might delay the second vaccine again before you make the trip and find out they need to reschedul? And to make sure you are past any quarantine period if the test was positive. I bet it felt to get outside. So glad you are starting to feel better.

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