O Crazy Night

I am feeling better and I attribute it to many hours of sleep last night. Humor this sick old lady and read the details about my “good” night.

My body was so tired of sitting in the glider!! Television held no interest and, believe-it-or-not, no desire to sit at the computer doing genealogy. I “went to bed” before 9:00 PM. At the suggestion of a dear lady-friend, I had improvised elevation for the head of my bed. I suspect I fell asleep shortly after nineand awakened at 1:30 AM. I was experiencing the gut-wrenching, strangling, coughs so returned to the glider in the living room. Two uncomfortable, sleepless hours were followed by the reckless decision to go “back to bed” and stretch out laying flat. Remarkably, I fell asleep and did not awaken until 6:35 AM. I awakened screaming with a leg cramp!!

The leg cramp tore me away from a dream. A friend (identity unknown) and I were riding two-wheel bicycles. I remember the beautiful countryside and suburbs and waving to people. At the end of the dream I was at a Railroad track and a train was coming. My friend was on the other side; I had time to get across but I froze. That’s when I awakened. (I jotted down the dream details before I forgot.) Question: Would I have crossed the tracks before or after the train?

Stretching out, prone, in my bed has felt so wonderful, I returned to my bed and did not awaken until 8:00 AM. I awakened from another dream: I was in a crowd of very nice people and (in retrospect) we were probably in a large auditorium. One person asked where I got my dress. “Oh, I’ve had it about forty years”  was followed by their comment “It’s so pretty.”  Then it was time to leave and it was raining and I was wearing my forty-year-old raincoat. (A very “dressy” raincoat that was part of my “professional working woman wardrobe.” See me wearing it in the picture when arriving on Nantucket Island for the Coffin Family Reunion, Oct 1992.)

I’m feeling better but extremely weakand tired.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shame, shame, Lorraine!! The coat still hangs in her closet. That “vintage” itemand dozens of othersare scheduled for an antiquescollectibles shop when she stops procrastinating.

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