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When the pandemic started picking up steam in early 2020, we all said we weren’t going to politicize it.

And we all know how that went…

But I wish we could have at least agreed not to sensationalize it.

This pandemic is bad enough without all of the speculation, hype and fear-mongering. And I believe the media and some government officials have engaged in all three.

But now, I think one individual has gone WAY too far.

A retiring top U.S. health official made a prediction that I consider so outlandish and irresponsible that I’m literally seeing red.

He may have caused fear and panic in MILLIONS of decent Americans.

But there’s one thing that should give us comfort…

I’m absolutely CONVINCED he’s dead wrong.

Stoking Panic

Dr. Francis Collins, the longtime head of the National Institutes of Health, is retiring and riding off into the sunset.

He left us with a guitar song he wrote about the pandemic, which was bad enough. If only he’d stopped there…

In an interview with National Public Radio, Collins had the audacity to suggest that the United States could potentially see ONE MILLION coronavirus cases a day due to the omicron variant.

“Even if it has a somewhat lower risk of severity, we could be having a million cases a day if we’re not really attentive to all of those mitigation strategies,” he said.

Well, friend, I’m glad Collins is retiring. Because if I was president and heard him say that, he would have been fired before he returned to his office.

Speculation like that, from a man of Collins’ stature, can cause widespread panic. And as far as I’m concerned, he’s pulling these numbers from thin air.

At the time I’m writing this, South Africa (where omicron first took hold) is averaging just under 25,000 cases a day. Not 25 million, as the panicked media reports would have you believe – 25,000.

And South Africa’s population is about 18% the population of the United States.

That 25,000 would scale up to about 139,000 cases a day in America. Of course, the South African numbers could increase – and it’s winter in America and conditions are ripe for indoor transmission.

But even if you TRIPLE that 139,000, you don’t get to HALF the number that Collins is throwing out there.

And NPR, to its credit, admitted that the most pessimistic projections have us at 500,000 cases a day by January. That’s pretty awful (and let’s all hope it doesn’t happen) – but it’s not CLOSE to a million.

Now, on to my second point… where on Earth do these government health officials get their arrogance?

If we’d only do a better job following their mitigation strategies…

Well, if the American people have lost confidence in the advice offered by our government health officials, I don’t blame them one bit.

I feel like I keep having to remind people of this… but AMERICA HAS HAD THE WORST CONFIRMED CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK IN THE WORLD!

The same people who claim to have all of the answers are also the faces of the worst outbreak on the planet.

I’d hope we all would have learned by now that our government has no ability to control this virus. The only thing that will work is Americans taking individual, personal responsibility.

Will cases increase? Of course… it’s winter and the new omicron variant is, by all accounts, much more transmissible.

But a million cases a day? HECK no, as far as I’m concerned.

How sure am I that we won’t average a million cases a day?

Well, if I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat. I’ll slather it in hot sauce and eat my own danged hat.

That’s what I’m willing to do if I’m wrong.

But what is Collins willing to do if… and WHEN… he’s wrong?

Well, I’ll gladly give him the space here to write an apology to the American people. He’ll owe them one.

Just don’t hold your breath.

To Your Health,

Sarah Reagan
Health Sciences Institute

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