Out of kilter

It is so frustrating to be out of kilter.”

I desperately need a good night’s sleep!! I’ve been drinking Sleepy Time tea before bedtime and it gives me approximately three to four hours of sleep. Then I’m wide awake, tossing and turning, lecturing myself to “go to sleep, Lorraine.” ~~ I refuse to take prescription drugs; I’ve tried over-the-counter sleep aids and they, too, only promote about four hours of sleep. Why is this happening to me? I’m so tired; I haven’t a teaspoon of energy!! ~~ I get up and almost immediately sit down at the computer. When I’m preparing a blog message, or “climbing the family tree,” fatigue and sleeplessness are forgotten.

My eighty-seventh birthday is just around the corner; I have a passionate desire to “get ‘er done.” There is so much more to do with my extended family. “Cousins by the dozens.” I love to prepare charts (art?) illustrating family relationships. Repeat: There is so much more to do with my extended family. I’m dedicated to accuracy and there are so many errors in other Ancestry Member Family Trees. It’s due to “same name,” same location, similar birth dates. I take everything into consideration… and sometimes spend hours researching one family unit. These are “real people” to me; they aren’t just a name on an ancestry chart. I sympathize and say “poor baby” when I observe that the mother died within hours of giving birth. ~~ I’m an oldfashioned researcher in an age of “instant” everything. Instant Ancestry??


Postscript, 1:00 PM, after several hours of research and preparation of another illustration geared to accurately document several individuals. The collage has four separate images… and “mental gymnastics” from start to finish.

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