Sad and weeping !!

That’s me, curled up in a fetal position, sad and weeping. Why?  Frequently, for a year, I have been documenting the ancestry of the ownermanager of this RV Park. “Mr. Red” has been so kind to me and there is so little I can do to repay his thoughtfulness and generosity. Many months ago, Mr. Red took a BigY DNA test (male lineage)  in anticipation we could accurately document his ancestors. I check FamilyTree DNA regularly and there was never a matchuntil three days ago. I used my detective skills to send “the match” an email message. Gratefully, he answered… (I won’t bore you with the details). This afternoon, I used my detective skills to research his ancestry. I was so excitedat 3:33 PMbecause I had our common ancestor. “Sad and weeping” because I have more information regarding the family than the fifth cousin.

Changing the subject, still talking about genealogy: I am so blessed because my extended family is so easy to document. It is so discouraging to searchfor monthsand not find information to accurately document Mr. Red’s third-great-grandfather.

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