A terrifying dream !!

It was so real, I’m still trembling (5:20 AM)!! I was in the back seat of the car; a man and woman were in the front seat. We were “in the country”and no traffic. The driver, the man, approached an intersection and did not stop for the stop sign. The car almost hit a horse and rider (on the crossroad). I can see the horror on the face of the equestrian (but I don’t know if it was a man, woman, or child). We were inches from a terrible accident.

Why would I have such a dream? Why am I remembering it? Is this an alternate scenario from the horrible tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a man drove into the Christmas parade, killing and injuring many people? ~~ This is an alarming start to my Sunday morning. However: “Let not my heart be troubled…”

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