I went back to bed at 1:00 PM but couldn’t fall asleep“Such a waste of time.”  My mind kept working with the individuals documented this morning. Then I fondly remembered the time spent with Eby cousins. I abandoned the warmth of the bed for the features on my computer and Canon camera. “In the good old days”  there was the tradition of exchanging cards and letters. I’d always send a two-page newsletter full of details about my activities. (Sound familiar?)


FYI: I’m sleepy, tired, coldand nostalgic.


Postscript, almost 4:00 PM: Our mind is a wonderful part of our body. (Duh!) I’d like to believe that my mind was correlating events: (1) Concern for the missionaries who were kidnapped in Haiti, (2) the Eby surname, and (3) my 2nd cousin 3x removed, Alice (King) and Adam Ebey were missionaries to India.

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