Shamed !!

Here is the message I read first thing this morning (from a seventh cousin one-time-removed).

you have Alexander Frantz as being the son of Frank and Mary Ann Frantz this is incorrect. Alexander is the son of Uncle Frank’s second marriage to Constance Epton. I would greatly appreciate it if you would not just plug in anything you think works when it comes to my father’s family. These are people who I know and love and they are not just puzzle pieces for you to play with. I have said this to you before and it upsets me greatly and I do not appreciate and deeply resent you disrespecting my family members in this way. I have asked you before if you need to know something about my family then you need to ask I will happily give you any info you need. I added you to my page so I know you can see my tree. If you cannot stop disrespecting my family by putting in incorrect Information just haphazardly then I will have no choice but to file a complaint with against you. Why it matters is because people who don’t know you or my family don’t know that you have it wrong. I know my tree is correct because these are my family members. These are people who I know personally and speak to you on the phone and visit their homes. I called them and verified the information before I put it on my tree. So you can trust that what I have put on tree is correct. Thank you.

I (Lorraine) work so hard to have my database 200% accurate. Hours and hours… and rarely a word of thanks. Regrettably, this is not the first threat to report me to Off-topic: Here is an image created yesterday to support hours of researched information.

Fifty-three “sources” for these four individuals and that is not counting all the sources for the seven children.

One comment on “Shamed !!

  1. Deb says:

    You may have gotten the mother wrong, but that reply is way over the top.

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