Postscript: “Oh, what a beautiful day” !!

Perhaps ten days ago, Deb said (in an email message) “BOLO.”  I had to think about that for a while; “What does that mean?”  Honestly, I’m not familiar with the abbreviations used in text messages, (This old lady does not “text”).

I’m so grateful for my friend, Deb. We met in 2010, in New Hampshire, and have been “pen pals” (email pals) all these years. ~~ I’m so grateful for friends who have been so gracious to this orphan grandmother.

My enjoyable experience, in New Hampshire, with new friend, Deb. Please check these several blog messages: (1) Greetings from Exeter, New Hampshire; (2): Portsmouth, New Hampshire; (3) Sunday morning in New Hampshire; (4) Helping the local (Exeter) economy; (5) A little humor for your enjoyment.

Changing the subject: I’ve considered writing a blog message about the thermal mug. Why? That mug has been with me daily since 1993 (if my memory serves me correctly). I was visiting a cousinin Bellingham, Washingtonas she and her husband celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Cousin Beth and I visited a Thrift Shop and I sawand purchasedthe thermal mug for ten cents. That is one “well-traveled” coffee mug!!

One comment on “Postscript: “Oh, what a beautiful day” !!

  1. Deb says:

    And I’m grateful for you.

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