Whatcha doin ?

Little projects of no significance. However, very “significant” to learn my furnace problem was corrected with two doubleA batteries.  “Mr. Red” and his sidekick, Bill, came to my rescue. It took longer for me to find my batteries than their skillful approach to my problem. ~~ Confession: I didn’t do any “downsizing”; I worked in the yard. Another rainstorm on the horizon and I wanted to plant the Bluebonnet seeds. OK, a tiny package of downsizing because one less item…



Postscript @ 8:30 PM:  FOX News is on my TV while I am on my computer. I’m watching listening to the Virginia election results. I’ve been working to document the many marriages of a woman who is NOT my cousin. Six or seven marriages! ~~ Fresh air and exercise todayahead of cooler temperature and rain tomorrow.

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