Creating charts after receiving another obituary

“The family that prays together, stays together.”  Have you heard that saying? The families worshipping in the Old German Baptist Brethren Church, Old Order Brethren, and Church of the Brethren “prayed together” and definitely “stayed together.” They intermarried and there are times it takes me days to accurately document the individuals. Due to “same name” individuals, it is difficult to identify who belongs to whom. I compare these challenges to a Rubik’s Cube. ~~ I wonder what the DNA looks like for these closely related individuals. ~~ The first chart shows the ancestry of this lady’s parents. The second chart shows her ancestry with the addition of another branch of the same tree.


Changing the subject: While preparing this message, my desktop computer stopped functioning. I’m completing this message on my laptop.  I confess the only way to get me off the computer is a dead desktop computer. A signal that I must work on downsizing now that we have pleasant cool weather. (Because of failing eyesight, I seldom use my laptops. I love the large monitor with the desktop computer.)


Postscript at 10:15 PM: A reader sent the link to an interesting article:

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