Marking the calendar…

Identifying the date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2021. I can’t remember the surname of the family I’ve been researching and documenting for three days. Only yesterday, I commented about names indelibly inscribed in my memory. In my old age, I’ve had to live with fading eyesight. Must I live with a lack of memory? Frequentlyin my blog messagesI comment about being awake half the night. Tonight: “What’s their name?”  is uppermost in my thinking. For me, this is scarier than Halloween!!

As I research, I scribble helpful information on scratch paper. Yesterday. I shredded the notes because I’d been “scribbling” on paper with printed personal information on the other side. I couldn’t sit down at the computer and glance at notes. After I published the above paragraph (at three in the morning), I looked at yesterday’s blog message for my answer. “What’s their name?”  is MINNICH. ~~ I’ll go back to bed and try to get some sleep.


OMG: It’s Wednesday and I wrote “Tuesday.” Repeat: “For me, this is scarier than Halloween!!”

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