“Complain, Lorraine” !!

Wide awake at 2:15 AM. I was so tired (yesterday) because of lack of sleep. I went to bed at 10:00 PM and GRATEFULLY slept for two hours. “Awake” at 12:15 and I tossed and turned (and pleaded for sleep) until 2:10. I got up (obviously) and I’m complaining to thismy journal. I turned on the TV hoping by some miracle TBN was again availablebut that crappy TCT programming. ~~ This time last night, there was a horrible rainstorm. I learned (thanks to a phone call from a neighbor yesterday afternoon) my American flag was on the ground. I rushed out to rescue my flag (because I am very patriotic and “don’t let the flag touch the ground”) and it is very dirty. The wind, last night, broke the wood flag pole at the bracket. Using the garden hose (yesterday afternoon), I tried to clean the flag but the muddy grime won’t wash off. Later today, I’ll wash the flag, indoors, in my machine.

Postscript @ 8:00 AM

The picture of the flag (left) doesn’t show the “brown” spots.

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