“Inch by inch it’s a cinch”

Postscript at 12 noon: The title should be “Retreat in defeat” because I didn’t accomplish much before “too hot” in the storage and carport.


There was a time when I planned to create a website with thousands of poemspoems that rhyme and have a beautiful message–indexed and with similar topic. I’ll never live long enough for that project.


Seriously, I had just published the 12-noon postscript when this email message arrived in my email box. Oops, that link went right into my email (my computer) so I can’t share her personal message to me. But (lacking her message to me), here is a valid link to her website.

Postscript at 5:00 PM: Indoor project.


I’m “in the mood” for outdoor “downsizing” but I despise the Texas heat.

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