Persistent thought

Yesterday, I spent a lot of time in the enormous H.E.B. store. “A lot of time”  because I was selective regarding items placed in my cart. The fruit and vegetable section is enormouswith fruit and vegetables displayed high and wide. My “persistent thought”: How much goes into the garbage? “Ripe” food; more food than customers. My purchase totaled $206.60and no meat, liquor, soft drinks, bread, cookies… My sympathy to families paying for items piled high in their carts. Hard to wrap my mind around… but maybe upwards of a thousand dollars for their groceries? “Families” shop more often than an old woman, hunkered down, who leaves home once a month. ~~~ I bought groceries but (at 10:00 o’clock) “I’m hungry.”  (I’m cautious about what I eat and [glad to report] I have less gut pain.)

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