“Natural remedy” ?!

The discomfort doesn’t go away–and I have an aversion to medical doctors. For half my lifetime, I practiced holistic health. This past year (due to the Coronavirus), I’ve neglected my health!! (Lack of exercise and absence of nutritional meals.) My strongest pain reliever was Aleve but I suspect it was contributing to intestinal pain. My “natural remedy”  revolves around my passion for (1) Ancestry, (2) my fondness for my blog (journal), and (3) my love of clipart. Climbing the family tree is as challenging as a Rubik Cube, and jigsaw puzzles. It is so engrossing, I compare it to having a tiger by the tail. I’ve earned a gold medal for devotion to my sport, and hard work. ~~ I don’t want to put the vaccine into my body (I don’t take flu shots either). The stronger Coronavirus Delta-variant may catch up with me and I’ll be dead before the end of the year. I’m going out “happy” because of my mental gymnasticsand I’m leaving information that will be accessed for generations.


2 comments on ““Natural remedy” ?!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    I had the Trump-Flu Mother, twice: the first time way back when we were still figuring out what it was, and again with the Darwin variant this past July. I didn’t die, but leave me assure you you do not want to get that sick. I understand wanting to die, I’m pretty tired of the world you dumped me into, but you don’t want to be that sick, and as healthy as you are the odds are when you do contract a variant it won’t kill you: it’ll just make you sicker than you want to be. Trust me. Row-boat, pickup truck, helicopter.

    Truth be told taking Aleve all day everyday is more likely to kill you. I suggest marihuana …

  2. Deb says:

    I haven’t had it, but I have seen healthy people get Covid-19 and be ok, and healthy people die. I know from everything I hear, whether what I read or hear from people with personal experience, that I don’t want it. I have no problems with vaccines or any medicine that could help me stay around longer. It deeply saddens me that I have dear friends that won’t take the available steps to protect themselves, but I respect their choices. Hopefully you will get a little more exercise as the weather cools off, while continuing to do what you can to protect yourself physically. We’d like to see you stick around well past the end of the year. 😉

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