Obsession with “sources”

One hundred twenty-two individuals were added in two days plus dozens of sources. Here is an illustration of my sources compared to sources in a cousin’s tree. (“Cousin’s” lack of… is not an exception.) I’m always scribbling notes as I research and document individuals. I’m finished with that frustrating project with two ladies named Lydia sharing identical birth and death information. ~~ “Downsizing” today; piles of paper going into the wastebasket.  🙂


Postscript (almost 10:00 PM): Late last evening, I received an obituary via email. Today I documented the individual and shared my information with several other family researchers. Here’s a response and I want to shout that a few kind words encourage me to “climb trees,” research, and “dig deeper.”

to LorraineEEdwards

Thank you
I was about to give up and your email filled in a couple gaps and I found that James Edward BEISNER 1932 is a 13th Cousin twice removed. Neff’s line made the connection.


This evening, a message came via Ancestry messaging. I answered within a few minutes… and the frustration of inaccurate death date informationfrom Find A Gravewas again a priority. My next project (tomorrow) is to double-check all my information about John Bowman and family.


Labor of Love Day

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