No tree for me ?!

Yesterday, all day, I worked indoors “filtering” my overabundance of “stuff.”  Paperwork was shredded, discards went in the wastepaper basket, “donations” set out on the porch. Items are going into boxes with labels identifying their eventual destination. For example, Christian books and literature to Love packagesand many books to the local library for their “Friends of the Library” book sale. ~~ So much to do!! “Day One” of my new downsizing project. ~~ The meteorologist says it will be cooler next week so “next week”  I’ll (hopefully) make progress in the carport and storage room.


Truth be told: I was “doing” genealogy in my dreams!! Then, wide awake (in bed), I was “doing” genealogy.  All the while, my gut was protesting against yesterday’s carefully selected food items. My legs were/are mildly comforted with IcyHot Pain Relieving Cream. ~~ Old age isn’t for wimps!!

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