Self diagnosis ?!

Last night, wide awake and in pain, the word “celiac”  came to mind. I got out of bed and jotted the word down (before I forgot). This morning I did a Google search and “yes”  I have most of the listed symptoms. A large percentage of my diet is bread (toast and sandwiches). For seventeen months, my eating habit has been atrocious (line of least resistance). True story: “Celiac disease” was something I knew absolutely nothing about. I believe God, my Heavenly Father, whispered the word to me. HEARTFELT THANKS!! Praise the Lord!!

One comment on “Self diagnosis ?!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    It’s not every one who has a witch-doctor in the family, mother, yours’ recommends you see a medical doctor. Yes, it is possible you’re experiencing a gluten reaction but … ahhhhh, how many years have you been eating as you have? Because gluten is such a big part of processed foods making a conscious effort to avoid gluten ~ go “gluten-free” ~ is probably a waste in the face of just avoiding (or getting back to avoiding) processed foods.

    And there’s that whole six bits and counting thing. See a doctor.

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