Oh, to be young again !!

Yesterday, an appointment with an eye doctor (after weeks of waiting). On Sunday evening, I consulted Google maps and had foreknowledge of where I was going. I was en route at 7:30 because I had been instructed to be there at 8:00. I wanted the alternate route but the woman’s voice on my Garman went ballistic saying “recalculate.” She was insistent that I go to I35. Honestly, Waco traffic terrifies me and the 340 Loop is (perhaps) as busy as the Interstate. Construction on I35 makes traffic a nightmare!! #1: I have anxiety just leaving home; #2, Waco traffic terrifies me; #3, Garman was extremely unsatisfactory!! I didn’t write down the mileage at my destination but undoubtedly more than the originally indicated “eighteen miles.”

New patient paperwork, wait, conversation with an assistant, wait, then the eye doctor followed by another wait. Finally, I received the report on my vision. On a scale of one to ten, my cataracts are a seven. I was told surgery would not help me read “the tiny print” so I declined surgery. Furthermore, I have onset Macular Degeneration and there is no cure for that.

The doctor put drops in my eyes so my vision was “fuzzy” for hours. For the first time in my less-than-one-year experience with a SmartPhone, I checked “maps.” What a surprise when a pleasant woman’s voice started talking to me and gave me specific directions to the nearby Panera. For more than an hour, I “hung out” and enjoyed flatbread pizza and lemonade. Then I drove around the strip mall and decided to browse a Dollar Tree. Honestly, I was very uncomfortable to be “out in public” so I consulted the map on my SmartPhone and the woman’s pleasant voice directed me to 340 Loop. I was home at 2:30 PM and I had driven a total of fifty-five miles. What a relief to be home!! (“Yes,” I had more pizza [the other half] for my evening meal.)


One comment on “Oh, to be young again !!

  1. Deb says:

    The pizza looks good.Was it the chipotle chicken? I’ve only tried the pepperoni. Aside from the traffic, I imagine it was good to get out. Wish the doctor had better news. Reading the small print isn’t the only thing you need your eyesight for, though. Good that you got it checked so you have something to compare it to in the future.

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