Artist at work ?

This is a “screenprint” of a “document” that required hours to prepare. Numerous people, lots of dates… (and I don’t want any errors). My tired old brain doesn’t know how to get the “document” into the records for these individuals.  When I insert into the Gallery for an Ancestry individual, the link sends the viewer to my email address and that is unacceptable. I’ll figure it out or my genealogy cousin will provide the answer. Explanation: Because of the way I “formatted,” it cannot be “copied” from A to B.


Here’s the “back story”: Several days ago I found “Hettie” Deeter (1842-1870) attached to two different sets of parents. While researching the families, I stumbled on the marriages of siblings in one family to siblings in another family. ~~ The same surname but different branches of the tree.

Postscript and another screenprint. Unplanned, I saw that the recent research project added one-hundred seventeen individuals to my database. Remember, it has only been three days since I documented 55,555 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, forty-eight hours).  🙂

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