Social Security birthday

How interesting!! (I’m older than Social Security; I didn’t know that.)


On this day in 1935, FDR signed the Social Security Act into law. It changed life for millions of Americans. It gave retirees support to see them through their later years, and it made a promise to working people: that when their working years were done, they would have an income for life.

As America marks 86 years of Social Security, a new commissioner, appointed by President Biden, is about to take charge of the agency. And that new commissioner will have an impact on the retirement security of all public service retirees.

Now is a great time to stand up for Social Security, for ourselves and future generations. In honor of the anniversary today, will you add your name to our petition calling on the new commissioner to protect Social Security?


At the signing ceremony for the Social Security Act, FDR called it “a cornerstone in a structure which is being built but is by no means complete.” By standing up for Social Security today, we aren’t just defending retirees’ hard-earned benefits — we’re also honoring the vision FDR put forth 86 years ago.

Sign the petition to show the new Social Security commissioner that retirees aren’t backing down — it’s time to protect Social Security for the long haul.

Thanks for raising your voice with us!

In solidarity,

Ann Widger
Director, AFSCME Retirees

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