A beautiful dream !!

Everything was normal!! I was in a Church and it was crowded with people. We went to a crowded restaurant for a delicious meal. I awakened but was still feeling “good” about the dream experience; I didn’t want to get up. I got out of bed but I’ve been weeping.

Postscript: Folks who know me and/or folks who have followed my blog know I have practiced health and nutrition for half my lifetime. I’ve chosen to NOT be vaccinated for the Coronavirus. Therefore I am a pariah (according to the TV news). Furthermore, according to the TV news (according to “the Left”), I am “the enemy”  because (in their words) “people in the suburbs flying the American flag are the enemy.”

2 comments on “A beautiful dream !!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Maybe you should turn off the television, Mother, you’re being lied to.

  2. I’m not watching much TV because it is so negative. I focus on “family”–climbing family trees.

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