Coffee, coffee !!

A visitor will see all that coffee on top of the kitchen cupboards. Have you noticed that coffee prices have increased? That’s what I heard on TV. So I couldn’t resist buying four cans when I saw them discontinued and discounted. Truthfully, I’ll share with the RV Park residents who get together, at 8 o’clock, at the Clubhouse, for coffee. I don’t “go” but I’ll gladly share.

Here’s “Mr. Red”owner-manager of the RV Parkready to carry my groceries to the front porch. He makes the coffeein the Clubhousealmost every morning. **If** we didn’t have the Coronavirus, more residents would get together. This month, we have four new residents on two sites. Before the end of the year, occupants will change on two more sites (that I’m aware of).

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