A vivid memory…

…or a dream?

Picture this in your mind’s eye: A Spartan house-trailer pulled by a 1938 Packard hearse was stopped on the highway en route to the Raton Pass. It was late at night, freezing cold…. Whatever the reason, the highway was too steep, the load too heavythe Packard was stalled. Suddenly a “big rig” truck swung around our vehicles, backed up, and began to chain our vehicle to his. The truck driver towed us to the top of the mountain. The year was about 1958.

Why was this in my thoughts in the middle of the night? One, or all, of three things: (1) Praise for a Heavenly Father who has taken good care of Lorraine through the years. (2) A behemoth beautiful, expensive motorhome arrived yesterday and is my “new” neighbor. (3) An “old” neighbor has lost his mind and is shackled to a bed in the hospital.

Funny how our mind works?!

Oh, you want more details? My Army husband was transferred from one duty station to another. With our two small sons, we were en route from California to Fort Devens, Massachusetts. Why were we on that highway? We wanted to visit Carlsbad Caverns.

One comment on “A vivid memory…

  1. Ten Bears says:

    I remember that trip

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