Duh !!

Confession: I’m sharing my home with twins: “Moan” and “Groan.” I desire a good night’s sleep but it escapes me. What’s that old saying? “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Usually, I go to bed about ten o’clock (occasionally Ancestry keeps me up later). Being awake at one AM is not “wise.” Yes, last night I went to bed before ten; I was not on the computer until this wee hour of the morning. “Moan” and “groan” aren’t good companions.

Postscript: Television wasn’t interesting (to me) and my comfortable chair wasn’t “comfortable.” I went back to bed and eventually went to sleep. Then wide awake again at 5:30. I hasten to tell the reader that my circumstance is not an isolated event. Recently Dr. Oz had a TV program addressing “Sleepless in America.” An astonishingly enormous number of people are buying, and using, “sleep aids.”

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