Ancient history

In the early 1960s, I was a proofreader for a company* that published telephone directories. It required intense attention to letter-by-letter, number-by-number. All these years later, I am still “proofing”…

In the mid to late1980s, I was a volunteer at the local LDS Church genealogy library. (I’m not LDS, I’m a genealogist.) Frequently, the Church members were required to fill out their “four-generation charts.” Time and time again, I saw careless documentation based on “I think.”  The individual wasn’t concerned with accuracy and it translated to inaccurate information in ledgers on the shelf of the library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In my humble opinion, many “armchair researchers” grab information and attach it to their tree. It translates to inaccurate information in Ancestry Member Family Trees that are viewed by other subscribers to

*Nothing found on the Internet about “Product Development Company.” Landlines are gone, telephone books are obsolete. This blogger is part of “ancient history” because she remembers answering machines, television sets with “rabbit ears,” and milk in glass bottles. Hey, I remember pumping water from a well, and light from kerosene lamps.

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