Eating “humble pie”

It’s too complicated, I can’t explain how these came to my attention. Errors in my Ancestry family tree. I repeatedly say I strive for 200% accuracy in my tree. Image one (on the left) shows Magdalena Zug as both mother and spouse. I’m the undisputed authority on the “Frantz” family. How did this happen?? (1) Did I really make these errors? (2) Can scramble information? (Seconds ago, WordPress spellchecker automatically changed words in this message because **it** thought I’d misspelled words.) ~~ I’m chagrin, I’m embarrassed, I’m eating humble pie.”


What can this “old lady” staunchly defensive of her heritage do to “get it right”?? There are too many “trees” with obvious errors. See this one? Three children born before the subsequent marriage. And, to my knowledge, that second marriage never happened.


I’m going crazy attempting to document the correct information. Other subscribers (to seem oblivious to inconsistencies in their information. Look: Children born before the marriage. Actually, those are Jacob’s children by his wife Anna Eshelman and not Magdalena Zug. I’ve been researching–and documenting–for several hours (since the original publication at 8:08 AM). Jacob was NOT married to Magdalena Zug.

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