Dream interpretation, please.

I was “up” at 3:10 AM to write down the details of a dream. Then I decided (after writing them down) I’d document the dream in a blog message (my “journal”).

I had attended a Community Concert and then walked to–and browsed–a Thrift Store. When I walked back there was only one other car in the parking lot (at the concert location). “Why is my passenger-side door open?”  I walked around to that side and saw the front seat was gone and the engine was gone. There was another person, someone I didn’t know, who called the police (nice man). After a few minutes (in my dream), I asked when I could go home and was told three months. So I rented a motel room. ~~ Isn’t that a strange dream? I got up and wrote it down before I would forget… Question: Why was the Thrift Shop open that late at night? There was “a long line of people” at one corner of the store but I did not know why they were thereand I didn’t ask.

Now some “back story”: For many years, I was a member of the Lancaster, California, Community Concert Association. My sons and I attended every concert. Eventually, I was a Board Member (Lancaster). Believe it or not, in 1976 I quit my job with Los Angeles County and became a Field Representative for the parent company, Community Concerts. I traveled to locations a considerable distance from my home (in Lancaster). One location: Wheatland, Wyoming.

What a strange dream!! Why would something forty-five years old come to mind? Dream interpretation, please.


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