Encouraging email message received

Here is an excerpt from a long, delightful email message received this morning.

Hello, Lorraine!
I just enjoyed reading your “Remember when …” story in the latest issue of the Mennonite Family History publication and couldn’t resist sending a little message your way!
The photos of the microfilm machines that accompanied your article first grabbed my attention, as we still have two machines here in our Meyersdale Public Library’s Pennsylvania Room, or local history and genealogy department, that don’t look all that different from those pictured.
We even have a small “Frantz” file among our large (nearly five full filing cabinets’ worth!) collection of family surname files, though most of it seems to center around a local former policeman by the name of Lupton Frantz who got himself involved in a Friendsville, Maryland, saloon shooting back in 1906.
But, yes, I certainly agree with you in that so very many genealogical resources are today available online – and how wonderful that is! If you visit the link I’ve provided and take a look at the drop-down menu under our “Local History” header you’ll find additional links to many such local resources – a number of which have been made available through projects undertaken by this very library! Yet there are still materials remaining to be digitized, many of them in little public genealogy libraries such as this one, which are indeed still sought out by people from near and far. If you ever find yourself in southwestern Pennsylvania, I invite you to visit us!

I am suffering in Texas heat and humidity so a thoughtful, considerate, message brings such joy to me!!!! I’m fully aware that many states, millions of people, are suffering from high temperatures. Locations in Washington and Oregon have broken all records. I’m not having a “pity party,” I’m emphasizing the joy I feel for the email message.

Honestly, I’m feeling exhuberant because yesterday I read these words on a message from an Ancestry subscriber. A longer message but this, too, makes reference to Mennonite Family History.

Lorraine, I have followed your work for some time now mostly in the Mennonite Family History journal and at Ancestry. Anna Catharine “Katy” Frantz (Wehunt) is my Great-Great Grandmother.

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